Root Canal Awareness Week

With Root Canal Awareness Week coming upon us this March 22nd-28th, your Elmhurst NY dentist wanted to do their part, and is here today to discuss the benefits and process of this tooth-saving procedure with you, the patient.

Did you know an overwhelming majority of the population, some 70%, fear not only the loss of a tooth, but the procedure of a root canal? Tall tales of the pain endured during root canal therapy are widespread, but on average- not very likely or accurate. The ultimate irony is derived from the fact that the only way to NOT lose a tooth in many circumstances is to give it a root canal, making it one of the most frequently utilized endodontic treatments.

A root canal could be helpful in cases where a patient is in severe pain because of a tooth that has suffered at the hands of substantial decay, repeated procedures on the same tooth, or fault dental work causing cracks. Quite literally at the center of the procedure, and the pain, is a pulp tissue that contains blood vessels and nerves that have become inflamed or infected.

To resolve this pain, the pulp must be removed and the tooth filled. Due to the surrounding tissues being quite nourishing all by themselves, the tooth can continue having a “healthy life” without the pulp present.

For this procedure, the pulp is removed via an opening made in the crown of the tooth. Once all of the infected pulp is eliminated, a thorough cleaning of the cavity of the tooth is performed, then filled and sealed. A permanent crown and filling will be created to give the tooth a natural color and bite, being applied, more than likely, at a follow up visit.

And that is all! Just these few steps and you can keep the natural appearance, sensation and biting force of your natural tooth, compared to replacement of it altogether.

The need for a root canal can only be diagnosed by Dr. Kessman, your Elmhurst NY dentist. Call our office at (718) 335-4980 to make an appointment to address any tooth pain you may be experiencing, today!


5 Surprising Things Damaging Your Teeth

What do you think of when you think of things that can harm your teeth? Perhaps you thought of candy, soda, and things high in sugar. There are many different things that can damage your healthy teeth and some can be very surprising. Swimming for example can damage your teeth. The Chlorine in the water can cause the enamel to wear away which is like removing the protective covering for your tooth.  Even brushing your teeth can be bad. If you over brush your teeth you can wear away the enamel. Over brushing is considered brushing more than three times a day, or brushing with too much pressure on the toothbrush.

So what can you do to protect your teeth? Doing more research into what can harm your teeth is a good start. Knowing most of the culprits including the surprising ones in the article is a great way to start. Ask your doctor if you have any questions about what can harm your teeth and be aware of how you treat them.

To learn the other surprising culprits of tooth damage visit: